If road conditions are obviously going to be bad on Sunday, a decision on cancelling services will be made on Saturday evening.

If road conditions are unsure at the time, the decision will be made by 6:45am on Sunday morning.


Weekday events such as Wednesday evening activities will be handled on a case-by-case basis. However, typically events during the week will be cancelled whenever the Nixa Public Schools are closed for that day due to road conditions.

The church office will be open if conditions permit.

Weather Announcements

  • The church phone message will be updated by staff to reflect the decision and information.
  • A church email message will be sent to the prayer chain list.
  • The website will be updated.
  • The North Nixa Facebook page will be updated.
  • Deacons will be informed. Members are encouraged to call their deacon if unsure.
  • Cancellations will be listed on the KY3 website page which links to KY3 Facebook.

Always use your best judgement when deciding to travel and BE SAFE!

North Nixa Baptist Church